#1: When I just arrived in Lviv, I immediately came here. We are not satisfied with the fact that the President of Ukraine has disposed of the entire nation. He disguises everything from people without a word. How dare he do this? We elected him to do what is best for the people but he goes against the citizens. That is why we do not need such a president.

#2: We are the main source of power. The authorities make one choice but we want another. Our parents chose this government, but we want the association agreement to be signed because we share European values. We think differently and much more freely than our parents. We hope that we will reach our goal.

#3: The whole world supports us. This is pretty cool. We stand for free access across the European borders. We are ready to stand until the end. We were here yesterday. Today we are here and we will keep on standing here no matter how long it will take. Glory to Ukraine!

#4: The rally has been declared indefinite. We will continue to strike until the government meets our demands. Only then will we end the protest, but right now we do not have any date until which we intend to continue with this. The only things we have are our goals, which are: admission into the European Union and the resignation of the government.

#5: Ukraine is a European country. And our place is in Europe. We have a lot of intelligent, hardworking people. But students who graduated from universities and academies cannot realise their goals or find jobs. The retired are poor. I am very happy because my grandson, Olezhyk, is in Kyiv. He is also supporting this rally. And I think we will win. We will win because we are strong and hardworking Ukrainians. We cannot lose the chance to be in Europe. There we will have a better life for our sons, grandchildren, and grand-grandchildren. Glory to Ukraine!

#6: We are tired of sitting and waiting for changes from the government which we will not get anyway. Finally, the youth is coming out with an understanding that only we are able to do something because it is our future, because it is our country in which we are going to live. This is for us, and for our future. That is why I think this is our mission to stand up and show that we can achieve something by our own — even though we are only students.

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