FBI: Skype on terroristien työväline

Skype on noussut terävän keskustelun aiheeksi Yhdysvaltain senaatissa. Maan oikeusministeriö pelkää, että valvomattomista VoIP-puheluista voi tulla terroristien ja huumekauppiaiden työväline:

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Laura Parsky told the Senate Commerce Committee that unregulated VOIP would be a “haven” for terrorists unless the government forces connected providers to build special wiretapping capabilities into their systems. “If legal loopholes allow criminals to use new technologies to avoid law enforcement detection, they would use these technologies to coordinate terrorist attacks, to sell drugs throughout the United States and to pass along national security secrets to our enemies,” Parsky said.

US Senate Tangles Over VoIP Rules
Ryan Singel/Wired News, 17 June 2004

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